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Encore Movie Rewards - Rules

Program Rules & Conditions

Last Updated: June 1, 2018

  1. All elements and aspects of “Encore Movie Rewards” are the sole property of Santa Rosa Entertainment Group.
  2. “Encore Movie Rewards” is open to anyone except Santa Rosa Entertainment Group employees, their immediate family members and children under 12 years of age. Santa Rosa Entertainment Group reserves the right to exclude other enrollees at its own discretion.
  3. Membership is FREE and may be acquired by receiving a membership card from a participating theatre and then subsequently registering the card online at Registration is required in order to receive reward points, vouchers, and special offers.
  4. The “Encore Rewards Card” is strictly a promotional incentive card and is not a debit, credit, or billing card.
  5. “Encore Movie Rewards” enrolled members will receive one (1) point for every dollar spent at the participating theatre box office and concession stand. There are no caps on how many points can be earned per visit or per day. Points cannot be earned by redeeming complementary passes (designated as donation passes or promotional passes). Points are not earned when purchasing gift cards. For the purpose of calculating points earned at the box office and concession stand, points will be issued for the whole dollar amount spent. As an example, a transaction total of $10.40 would earn 10 points.
  6. In order to earn points, an enrolled “Encore Rewards Card” must be presented to the cashier at the time the transaction is initiated when purchasing admission tickets and/or concession items.
  7. “Encore Movie Rewards” members begin receiving rewards once 75 points have been accumulated. See the “Encore Movie Rewards” schedule for details. Reward vouchers will print at the participating theatres box office. Voucher coupons are valid until the expiration date specified on the coupon.
  8. Concession vouchers may be redeemed at any time at the snack bar. Concession vouchers can be used towards upgrading to larger sizes of popcorn or soda. Box office ticket vouchers are valid on subsequent theatre visits.
  9. Cards and vouchers are not transferable. Free movie ticket vouchers are not valid for “No Pass” attractions or specially designated events or designated blackout periods. 3D and Ultimate Digital Cinema (UDC) showings will incur an upcharge, (the charge will be equal to the difference between the normal price ticket and 3D or UDC showing at that time. For example, if a general admission ticket is $10.00 and a 3D ticket is $13.00, the difference due at purchase is $3.00). Rewards vouchers are not valid if they are torn, mutilated, or otherwise illegible. All rewards are subject to authentication by theatre management.
  10. Patrons are not permitted to transfer points from multiple cards to a single card.
  11. Accounts that have no activity during a 12 month period will be reduced to a zero point value.
  12. Santa Rosa Entertainment Group reserves all rights to change, revise, or terminate the “Encore Movie Rewards” program at any time without consequence.
  13. Santa Rosa Entertainment Group will not share any personal information collected from enrollees.