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Favorite Film Food thru Grubhub

Enjoy your Favorite Film Food from the Santa Rosa Cinemas!
Order online for delivery or pick-up from Lodi Stadium 12, Sierra Vista Cinemas 16, Roxy Stadium 11 (Camarillo), Summerfield Cinemas or Airport Stadium 12!
Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm to 8pm
Saturday from 2pm to 8pm
Sunday from noon to 5pm
Available items are large popcorn, bottled sodas and tea, candy, hot dogs & nachos.
View concessions and place your order from:
Airport Stadium 12  HERE
Summerfield Cinemas  HERE
Roxy Stadium 11 HERE
Sierra Vista Cinemas 16 HERE
Lodi Stadium 12  HERE
Now you can enjoy your favorite movie food at home. . . but don't get too comfortable. We hope to welcome you back to the theatres soon AND thanks for thinking of us!