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How we started

The Tocchini family’s long involvement in the Western states’ film entertainment stretches back to 1926. At that time, Dan Tocchini Sr. constructed one of the first movie theatres in Santa Rosa, California, the Strand Theatre. The Strand Theatre showed the first “talkies” in Santa Rosa. Dan Tocchini Sr. developed and operated an impressive circuit of theatres throughout Northern California, including the Rose Theatre, the Empire Theatre, and the Roxy Theatre in Santa Rosa; the El Rey Theatre and the Analy Theatre in Sebastopol; and the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. In 1957, the senior Tocchini shifted control to his son, Daniel F. Tocchini, who added the Cal Theatre and the Parkway Auto Movies in Petaluma.

In 1972, Daniel F. Tocchini first established the theatre company that later became Santa Rosa Entertainment Group (SREG). Santa Rosa Entertainment Group initiated an aggressive plan to build a circuit of premier multiplex theatre facilities including the Rockridge Cinemas in Oakland and the Lakeside Cinemas in Santa Rosa.


The SREG changed its name to Santa Rosa Cinemas with a new logo shaped like a rose made of film. With our “roots” in Santa Rosa, we feel this more fully describes who we are and what we do.  We’re still a family-run company that designs, builds, renovates and operates movie theatres. We also “buy and book” film, manage concessions and perform other administrative functions for a growing network of motion picture theatres and independent exhibitors.

Santa Rosa Cinemas operates many state-of-the-art megaplexes in California. The Airport Stadium 12 and Roxy Stadium 14 in Santa Rosa, the Sierra Vista Cinemas 16 in Clovis, the Lodi Stadium 12 in Lodi and the Roxy Stadium 11 in Camarillo all offer luxury power loungers and reserved seating, while the Airport, Roxy 14, Sierra Vista 16 and Lodi also offer beer, wine and specialty food that you can enjoy from your seat while watching a movie. The Plaza Cinemas 14 in Oxnard is home to an MX4D® Motion EFX auditorium, one of the few in the western United States.  This auditorium is the newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience, providing  a totally immersive environment where you actually “feel” the movie’s motion,  jolts,  pokes, wind, water, even scents. Our Summerfield Cinemas in Santa Rosa offers a wide selection of independent features, foreign films and documentaries in a customer-friendly atmosphere and is our newest Hollywood and Wine location, serving locally sourced wines, beer and specialty foods. Our 3rd Street Cinemas in Santa Rosa provides discounted films for those who don’t need to see a movie upon immediate release. Picturesque Pacific Grove is home to the Lighthouse 4, a charming 4 screen theatre where you can see a good mix of both block busters and art films, as does the Raven Film Center in Healdsburg. The Raven was the first ever theatre in the North Bay to offer locally sourced wine and craft beers while watching films inside the auditoriums. Unlike other major theatre chains, Dan Tocchini, along with his wife, Amy, oversee a small, local office staffed with dedicated professionals. The Tocchini’s are proud of their staff. “They are some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” Dan says, “they feel like family”.